Monday, October 31, 2016

My Election Thoughts

I spoke on the election yesterday at the end of my masses, and it's probably the only thing I'm going to say publicly about the election this cycle. Here is what I said:

I want to take this opportunity, sort of a two minute second homily, to address the election very briefly. You’re probably as sick of the election as I am, so only two minutes. I think I’ve unconsciously avoided speaking about the election from the pulpit because, and I think most of you would agree with me, the election this year is an especially unpleasant topic.

In fact, as I’ve traveled around both here in Jackson and beyond, I don’t see nearly as many presidential campaign signs and bumper stickers as I normally do in election years. I think it’s fair to say that no one is excited about either of the two candidates. They’re both deeply flawed individuals.

So, although there is much that has been said and much that could be said, I have two points, and they are exactly these, first, charity, and second, hope.

Charity. It’s up to us to heal the deep divisions that are afflicting our country right now. So whether someone else votes issues instead of candidates, whether they choose to abstain from the presidential election, whether they choose to hold their nose and vote for the other candidate while you hold your nose and vote for this candidate, you and I have to treat everyone we meet with absolute charity. Once the dust is settled after the election, charity is going to be the only thing that heals the divisions in our country.

And hope: Elections are important my friends, but we Christians do not put our hope in any earthly leader. Presidents come and go, but only Jesus remains forever. No earthly leader can provide for us the peace that only Jesus can give.

Some might want me to say more on the election, some might want me to say less. Although I certainly have my own opinions, the only things I want to encourage you towards as your priest are charity and hope. Charity towards each other, and hope in Jesus alone.

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