Saturday, July 16, 2016

Silence and Carmelites

Today is the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. For many years now, I've loved Carmelite spirituality but I could never quite figure out why until recently. I was recently pointed to a Carmelite author who wrote:
"If the impossible were to take place and the past were suddenly obliterated and tradition no longer existed, and the call of the living God were to sound for the first time in a soul, this call would carry with it the spirit of Carmel in all its freshness, its newness, its eternal richness. Because it is of God and is pure reference to God, this spirit is distinguished by a clarity, a simplicity, and a limpidity that are absolute. It has nothing to do with techniques. It fears more than all else material and spiritual encumbrances, multiplicity of means, devotion, and spiritual exercises. It is God just as God is that it seeks and desires: God, for the mind all mystery, but for the soul light and delicious knowledge." 
Basically, what I realized is that Carmelite is an utterly simple focus on God. Anyway, HERE's my homily from today, although it is far less eloquent than that quote.

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