Sunday, July 10, 2016

Identifying as Sinners

The main church
Sorry for being so quiet on the blog. I've been in the middle of the move to Jackson. The move happened successfully: all 700 books made the transition and so did all the brewing supplies. I've been settling in Jackson bit by bit, but it's kept me busy. When I moved to Sheridan, the pastor had already been there four years so he was able to quickly explain everything I needed to know, but here in Jackson the pastor is also brand new, so he and I have been very busy trying to get up to speed with everything happening in the parish.

The mission church
I'll get back to more homily-posting soon, but right now life is pretty busy. But I still managed to record this weekend's homily about the Good Samaritan [CLICK HERE]. Keep praying for me as I settle into this new parish, and pray for the good people of Jackson and Star Valley.

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post! It is good to stI'll be able to benefit from your wisdom. I learned some new ways of looking at this Gospel passage. It is a reminder that if we take the time there is always something new to discover in Holy Scripture.