Friday, May 27, 2016

St. Alexius and the Fall of Rome

If you've never checked out Joseph Sciambra's blog linked on my blogroll (desktop version of my blog), I highly recommend you check out his LATEST POST where he teaches about St. Alexius. Joseph is well acquainted with the horrors of "gay" culture, having sought happiness there for many years before returning to the Catholic Church. In this article, he compares our western culture to the decline of the Roman Empire, where both are utterly fixated on issues of sexuality. Experts on Roman history will balk at some generalizations he makes, and indeed they've already done so in the comments. But even acknowledging those, he lays out a pretty desperate scenario, so I recommend a stiff drink if you take the time to read the article, but I think he's spot on. He doesn't end without hope though. Hope lies in a radical return to Christianity, as highlighted by the counter-cultural examples of St. Alexius and St. Francis.

I'll let Joseph lay out his case for himself, I highly recommend it.

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