Monday, November 2, 2015

All Souls Day

A helpful picture about who helps who on our journey to heaven
Today we celebrate All Souls Day, which is where we are reminded that for many of us there is a time of purgation between here and heaven, namely Purgatory, where we are cleansed of the sins that we still cling to when we die. Also today, we are reminded to pray for the souls in Purgatory. Here is my homily from Mass this morning.
My #sacristyselfie
Yesterday, for All Saints Day, the priest wore white (symbolizing baptism and purity) to honor those who enjoy the glory of heaven. Since today we are praying for those who are deprived of the glory of Heaven due to their own sins, not celebrating those who enjoy it, black is a very appropriate color for the day as it symbolizes a prayerful, sober mourning. For more on the use of black vestments in the liturgy, I would point you to the liturgy guy.

Oremus pro fidelibus defunctis
Let us pray for the faithful departed

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