Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Finding a Meaningful Job

One positive characteristic of young people is that they are very idealistic. The noble desire of youth to improve on the world they were handed is generally a good thing. I can only speak to the youth of this era because I haven't lived in any other, but I suspect that idealism has always been a trait of the young. If we lose our idealism and our to desire to change the world as we grow, I suspect it's more because of laziness than any sort of reality.

With that in mind, I'd like to point the young men (parents, please share this with your sons) to a survey that Business Insider recently reported on about the most meaningful jobs in America. Not surprisingly, Clergy came in at number one on the last. 98% of those surveyed said it's a highly meaningful job, and 90% said it's a highly satisfying job. (Also notable: directors of religious activities and education came in at #4). I've heard of similar findings in the past, but it's nice to find a current survey bear witness to the same results. If you want to make a difference in the world, consider the priesthood. If you want to know that what you do every day matters, consider the priesthood. Surveys bear it out in print, but I can also testify from my own experience that I go to bed each night confident that my work has been important and humbled that I am not worthy of the gifts I have been given.

In a similar vein, Fr. Stephen Rossetti's book Why Priests are Happy, which I read several years ago, is the result of an in-depth and expansive survey about the state of priests today. He finds that, contrary to popular belief, priests are by and large very happy with their work and their lives. Do check out his book if you get a chance.

Young men, embrace the idealism that comes so naturally to you. Don't give up on it. Center all your ideals and goals on God, and let your ideals lead you to do great and heroic things for our world.

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