Monday, June 29, 2015

A Holy Order to the World

Once again, I did not preach a weekend homily. For those of you keeping score at home, this was my 3rd weekend in a row without preaching. This rarely happens for a parish priest. Don't worry, I will preach this coming weekend. It was Deacon Andrew's turn to preach and he delivered a stirring homily (four times) about the beauty of God-given marriage in light of Friday's Supreme Court decision.

After Mass, people had many kind comments about the homily, but one particular type of comment caught my attention because it was repeated several times. Many people thanked him for the homily and the particular language he used to explain Church teaching because since Friday they had felt very alone in the world or because they didn't have the language to explain what they felt to be true. My friends, you are not alone. News outlets and social media have presented this court decision to us as if the United States was completely united and of one mind on this issue. The court's decision was 5-4. You can't have a more divided victory. The country is far from united on this issue.

The low level of intellect present in our public discourse is astonishing. It's astonishing, but it's not new. Apparently it is an impossible leap of logic to both be opposed to same sex marriage and not hate those who experience same-sex attraction. Let me rephrase: the world is telling you that if you are opposed to gay marriage then you hate those who experience same-sex attraction. But rest assured, if you have the mental capacity to be opposed to gay marriage and still love those who experience same-sex attraction, you are not alone in the world. Regardless of what your Facebook feed says.

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