Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Who Would Dare to Love ISIS?

The website OnePeterFive, which I've been enjoying a lot lately, posted this video yesterday, although they were not the ones that created it.
As the world argues about the best ways to deal with ISIS, here's an idea we haven't really considered. The blood of martyrs, the blood of "the people of the Cross," has converted countless nations around the world to the religion of the Cross. In fact, I might say that it's the only effective tool for evangelization. Forced conversion never lasts. Charity and good works go a long way, a miraculously imprinted tilma can go even further, but nothing converts better than the blood of martyrs. Countless regimes have sought the destruction of Christianity, and they have all been consigned to history books. But Christianity endures, largely because of those who have so configured their lives to the Crucified God as to imitate him even by their deaths.

[This doesn't absolve the leaders of nations from dealing with ISIS. You may volunteer yourself for martyrdom, or martyrdom may be forced upon you by the wicked, but those chosen to protect the vulnerable cannot expose the vulnerable to martyrdom through negligence.]

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