Saturday, April 25, 2015

Traditional Marriage in Less Than Two Minutes

Another website that has been getting more of my attention lately is ChurchPOP. They have a combination of news and satire that is very refreshing. They just shared a video from the Iona Institute - a group I'd never heard of - that promotes the place of marriage and family in society.
Notice the video's appeal to dogma and narrow-minded religion, notice how many times it mentions God, notice the JPMs (Jesus-per-minutes, explained here).

Wait a second.

It does none of those things! This is a concise argument that takes children as a starting point and explains why traditional marriage is not discrimination.

Obviously, this video is not the end-all video of the debate. I think the gay "marriage" debate is ultimately inseparable from cultural questions about contraception, sexual ethics, and our implicit view of children as a commodity. But the video is still good, and it's less than two minutes.

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