Friday, February 20, 2015

Marian Consecration

Ok, be warned. This may not make much sense. Matters of the soul seldom do. For years now, I've passively avoided Marian consecrations or anything of the like that smelled too much like surrendering my own will and letting Jesus take over through Mary. This doesn't make sense from the outside because here I am, a priest who is trying to surrender everything to God daily, afraid to surrender to God in this way. We all do this. We all say, without realizing it, "I'll surrender this much and no more. I can't actually surrender everything to God." One way of conceiving of the lifelong growth in holiness or the spiritual battle is to gradually discover unsurrendered things in our life and surrender them. The soul is a fickle thing, so I don't beat myself up too much when I discover an area of my life which so far I have failed to surrender, but rather I thank God for showing me this area at just the right moment.

Today, a post over at The Catholic Gentleman caused me to rapidly reconsider this untrusting, falsely self-sufficient position I had up to now held to. I had of course heard of Marian consecrations before. Seminarians holier than me would do them annually at the seminary, and I would always politely excuse myself with a cheap "No thank you, I just don't think I'm called to that." But today, when the article starts with "Want to drop a V6 engine into your Volkswagen Bug prayer life? Would you like to battle sin and Satan and sabotage like the mighty saints of yore?", I had to keep reading. And something clicked. Perhaps because through priesthood I've learned to surrender myself more and more to God's beautiful Will, then this idea of manly power by consecrating myself to Mary just finally made sense.

So I read this blog post that basically said if you want to do this awesome thing, start today and you'll finish on the feast of the Annunciation, and I just said YES. Whatever held me back before seems gone now. I could indeed be listening to my own ADD-prone ego, but there's a peace that this consecration, which wasn't on my radar 12 hours ago, is just right. To add to the rightness, I have had 33 Days to Morning Glory, one of the books recommended by the Catholic Gentleman, on my shelf for quite some time. I don't even remember where or when I got it, but I think it was waiting for me, being toted from dorm room to dorm room to rectory, in preparation for this moment. So yeah, I'm beginning my Marian Consecration. 33 days of preparation for the Consecration on March 25th. Your prayers, please. Our God is a God of unpredictable goodness.

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