Saturday, January 17, 2015

An Interview and a Reflection

His Eminence Cardinal Burke recently gave an interview to the folks at New Emangelization, a group of people trying to restore an authentic Catholic masculine identity. In the interview he hit on issues of masculinity and femininity, and in that has caused a minor uproar (everything he says seems to cause an uproar) because as a man he is apparently unqualified to speak on feminine issues, and therefore he is anti-woman.
This is the state of debate in our country: If you are a man you can't speak about feminine issues (the "no uterus, no opinion" position), if you are heterosexual you can't speak about homosexuality. Logically, if you don't use cocaine then you aren't qualified to speak about it and if you haven't tried slamming your hand in the car door then you can't tell me it's a bad idea. That is the hysterical state of public discourse in this culture.
Fine. I'm willing to accept it for the moment, because Ragazza Cattolica has written a beautiful reflection on His Eminence's interview, so I thought I'd let her speak on this one. She calls the Mass manly, but I dont think you can call her anti-woman, it's in the title of the blog for Pete's sake (Google it). But before you read her reflection, read the original interview. Trust me. She'll just guilt you into doing it when you get over there anyway.

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