Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes, vol II

Archbishop Coakley of OKC
I thought the Archbishop of Oklahoma City took a clever course of action to stop the planned satanic black mass scheduled for September 21st in Oklahoma City. Read the Archdiocese's statement here. Not surprising, this deeply offensive "mass" received little attention from the main stream media. But to insure that the Eucharist was not desecrated, Archbishop Coakley filed a legal claim that as Archbishop of the local area, he was responsible for all Consecrated Hosts in that area, and therefore the Host that the satanic group possessed was in fact stolen property. It has been returned. A terrible sacrilege has been averted.
It turns out I'm going to be a school teacher this year :) I have been asked to teach 6th through 8th grade religion at Holy Name Catholic School. I'm looking forward to teaching them, but I'm trying to readjust what I know of education from "seminary master's degree program" to "middle school religion." Is it possible to teach with more than just a lecture format? Is it possible to teach such that the students understand more than half of what you're saying? These are questions to which seminary says "no" but I think middle school educators say "yes."
I managed to install curtains in my room yesterday. I like it dark when I sleep, and the cheap blinds weren't cutting it. So, through more trips to Home Depot than I care to recount in which I agonized over the selection of curtains (because I want things to match but I'm a guy so I'm not good at these things) I finally settled on curtains and successfully hung them yesterday. In one of my more clever moves of recent memory (if I may say so myself), this morning I used race medals as curtain tiebacks. I may let this be a permanent solution.
Season 8 of Doctor Who premieres on Saturday. To say I'm excited would be a tragic understatement. The excitement would overwhelm the other six quick takes if I let it, so I'll stop here.
I finally started running again this week. Several weeks ago I bruised my foot playing a game of tag with the Totus Tuus kids. I let it rest and let it rest and let it rest. And I went a bit stir crazy. This week I started easing my way back into running. It feels wonderful to be running again! And I have to start somewhere if I want to run the Bighorn Trails 50 Miler next summer. There! I put it out there! I want to run a 50 miler!
As a Catholic and a preacher, I am also excited for this Sunday's gospel. I think Matthew's gospel is my favorite and this is one of the most important passages in the whole gospel. Thus: excitement. Check back for the weekend's homily sometime on Sunday.
The Doctor Who episode for this Saturday is called Deep Breathe.  Analogously, I feel like the whole area is taking a deep breathe before the school year begins on Monday. Except for one home school family I know who begins school in early August, and as a tradeoff the summer break begins in early May. So if you begin school soon, good luck and God bless!

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  1. There is a special place in heaven for those who teach middle school.