Friday, August 15, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday

I've never done this before, I've mostly been a lurker around this blog thing. But it seems fun and relatively simple, so I'm trying to expand my homily-blog into more of an all purpose blog. This 7QT will be some general info stuff then. I've been a priest not quite two months at this point. I'm assigned to Holy Name Catholic Church in Sheridan, Wyoming, and am absolutely in love with being a priest.
Sheridan is far from anywhere, and I suspect many of the residents like it that way. The airport has a couple of (expensive) flights each day to Denver, although I understand they are subject to frequent cancellations due to lack of passengers or lack of pilot. When Sheridan folks want a big city, they drive two hours to Billings, Montana.
The whole parish is taking a deep breath before the school year begins. Once school begins and all the parish programs start up again, I won't spend a week away from the parish like I just did. This fall, it appears I will be a school teacher and a YDisciple leader in addition to being an associate pastor.
Speaking of a week away, I spent a week on the road visiting my spiritual director in Denver (the location of my recently-finished seminary education) and being a substitute priest in beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming. At my meeting with my spiritual director I had the opportunity to go to Confession, and I found that going to Confession after having been a priest and hearing Confessions was a very peaceful experience, because I knew from experience that the priest really doesn't care what my sins are and I can't shock him.
Me skirting the side of Big Kahuna
While in Jackson I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and take an inflatable kayak (usually called a ducky) down the white water of the Snake River. I love white water kayaking! This time I survived the river's biggest wave, Big Kahuna, that sent me into the river four years ago. Full disclosure: I survived it this time by avoiding it (discretion being the greater part of valor), although in retrospect I wish I hadn't.
Also while in Jackson, I was blessed to celebrate the Sunday Mass at their mission of Holy Family, located in the Star Valley of Wyoming. When I was assigned to Jackson and its missions about four summers ago for a summer assignment, the people of the Star Valley were very kind to me so I was eager to return and offer Mass with and for them. About two years ago, Holy Family dedicated their new Church building, after having worshiped in a building that looked like little more than a pole barn from the outside for the first several decades of their existence. The new church is absolutely beautiful, simple and beautiful. Builders of Catholic Churches take note: this is how it's done on a budget!
The interior of Holy Name in Thayne, WY
Traveling for a week is fun, and it's a necessary part of a Wyoming priest's life, but it's nice being home in Sheridan.

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  1. Hi, Father! I'm so glad you posted today. We will always be connected now, since we both posted to 7QT for the first time today! God bless your priesthood.

  2. Glad you are posting. Sharing with your an older blog that I have sort of ignored for a while. Enjoyed the stick ball references this morning. T http:/ Tim Cummings