Sunday, April 27, 2014

Responding to God...wherever

9 of the 10 Cheyenne seminarians
This weekend I got to travel to St. Meinrad, Indiana to attend the diaconate ordination of two men who are studying for the Diocese of Cheyenne, Hiep Nguyen and Augustine Carrillo. And from Indiana, I watched just a little bit of the canonizations via Twitter of Saint John XXIII and Saint John Paul II. And while I was celebrating with them, elsewhere in the world my nephew was baptized. God's has showered his blessings on his church at the end of this Octave of Easter. It's been a banner weekend for the Church, and for me personally!

The baptism party
To have all these things happen on the same weekend got me thinking about what they have common. What I think they all have in common is a commitment to service, a commitment to follow God wherever he wants to lead you. My nephew's parents have no idea what their son's baptism will require of them (or him!), and the new deacons have no idea what this step will mean for themm but they are all committed to God anyway. The newly canonized popes show us the kind of holiness that is possible by staying committed to God for your whole life.

Tapestries from the canonization
The difficult realization here is that I can't find happiness (holiness leads to genuine happiness) by dong what I want with my life. I am a fallen human and my vision is skewed. I can only find real happiness by finding the Lord's will for my life. With our new saints interceding for us, I pray that we all have the courage to seek and to follow the Lord's will for our lives.

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