Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Laborers are Few

In today's Gospel reading, Jesus bids us to ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for the harvest, because the harvest is abundant but the laborers are few. We love to use this passage to promote vocations to the priesthood, but the dangers is that we end up thinking that priests are the only ones who are sent to labor in this harvest that Jesus is speaking of. We end up twiddling our thumbs, looking around at anyone but ourselves, and hoping that The Lord sends someone else to do this laboring. But he laborers are each and every one of us! We are all meant to labor in this harvest! A quick glance at the evening news reminds us that the world is in rough shape, but this world is the harvest The Lord wants for himself, and he wants each of us to share in the labor it's going to require to get it! So today I am examining my life to see where I might labor more or better to help bring about this harvest in the world.

The picture is of the Calling of Matthew, a painting I was blessed to see while I was in Rome. Matthew is the one pointing at himself with the expression that says "Who? Me?" Many of us are genuinely surprised when we realize the great things Jesus is calling us to. Yet Matthew responded to the Lord's invitation to become a laborer of this harvest; let's try to imitate Matthew in this.

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