Friday, June 28, 2013


After a day of great travel, we finally arrived in Rome on Friday afternoon! Perhaps the highlight of our arrival is that we finally connected with Bob Rodgers, our seminarian Wyoming who is studying in Rome. 

Our hotel is about a fifteen minute walk from St. Peter's, and from certain points you can see the dome of St. Peter's from our hotel. The room is cozy, but is more than I need. The hotel will be serving us about one meal a day during this trip, and because it's Italy, the hotel has two chapels in it so we also celebrated mass.

At this point, after a full day of travels, we were all exhausted and the sensible ones went to bed. But about twenty five of us couldn't resist the chance to see St. Peter's Square at night, so we made the hike over. The Square is huge, and had lots of visitors even at 11 pm. St. Peter's is beautiful at night. After a quick visit to the Square, some went for gelato but I went to bed after a very full day. 

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