Sunday, May 26, 2013

On Ordinations

I'm sitting in the airport, drinking overpriced beer (they always seem especially proud of their food and drink in airports) after an incredible weekend in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This weekend, I was blessed to attend two ordinations: the priestly ordination of my former classmate Todd Nance, and the diaconate ordination of my current classmate Bryan Ketterrer. Additionally, I was privileged to attend Father Todd's first Mass of Thanksgiving and Deacon Bryan's first homily.

Outside the Masses themselves, my favorite part of the weekend was waiting in the sacristy of Holy Family Cathedral before the Saturday morning ordination, because there I got to see the nervous energy that goes along with being ordained. It's really quite similar to getting married. You're nervous, but you know God is calling you here. You're scared, but you've been preparing for this moment for years. This combination of nerves and confidence and fear and excitement manifests itself in an energy right before the ordination that is really beautiful to witness.

This was the first ordination I was involved with "behind the scenes" since my own ordination to the diaconate two months ago, and witnessing the nervous energy of the ordinands in the sacristy took me back to my ordination. The grace that a man receives at ordination is truly a gift, and I realized it was gift, how unworthy I was of receiving it, at the moment of ordination and in the two months that have followed. I think God calls the weakest among us to be his priests, not the strongest,  so that the power of God may shine through all the clearer without any human strength in the way.

Congratulations, Father Todd and Deacon Bryan, on your respective ordinations. I know you will each do great work in your ministry, because you each know how to let the Light of Christ shine through you.

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